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>…Now that we know pharma companies don’t do testing, we get a perfect test lab for omicron: the state of Florida.  There the new covid rate is thru the roof.  So far the fatality rate hasn’t responded.  In that sense it looks like South Africa’s data.





After two long years of wondering… it is entirely possible we will find out a whole bunch of answers in the coming week or two.  If the fatality rate in Florida launches like one of Mr. Musk’s creations, then the nightmare continues indefinitely, we can look forward to more lockdowns and mandates of all kinds, failed businesses, another horrifying round of death and social destruction.  If it doesn’t… good chance this nightmare is coming to a close.  Governors and prime ministers everywhere will follow the lead of the Florida governor, omicron will likely spread everywhere and displace its more dangerous cousins as the fatality rate falls everywhere, life returns to normal.


One way or the other… we will likely know in about two weeks.


The whole world is cheering for Florida, because we’re the next ones to experience what you are feeling right now.  Good luck and evolution-speed Florida.  




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