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>…Speaking of Musk, I saw where he got an 11 Billion dollar tax bill.  Surely that's a record.   bill w


It sure is a record sir.  After Musk was criticized in public by a US senator for not paying taxes, he pointed out that he paid more in taxes last year than any American in history.  Pwned!  All her base are belong to Musk!


Given this marvelous high-tech car factory up the street, California was most eager to cook our golden-egg goose.  Now Elon is moving his ops to Texas.  Once Tesla is gone, California will have a new most lucrative factory to chase away.


Smart money will invest in real estate close to Musk’s new Texas HQ.  You should see what Tesla has done to this neighborhood in the last ten years, oh my, everywhere you look, people cleaning up, fixing up, building back better.  Everything that man touches turns to gold.



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