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The state failed to offer tax incentives for his factory to stay.  States compete with each other to attract business.  They make rules in such a way to make that happen.  


Tesla was a rare example of car manufacturing (well, any industrial-scale manufacturing) in America, in California of all places, where the tax structure is unfavorable to anything other than very high-value-added manufacturing.  


I never bought any Tesla stock, figuring there is no way a factory like that could make it here.  Big mistake.  Musk made it successful.  I know a lotta people who made tons of money on Tesla stock, including my neighbor who was an ordinary no-college 9 to 5er, owns two high-end Teslas and a power wall, still has money up the kazoo, all from going long on Tesla stock.


When the covid shutdowns came, it hit the Tesla factory hard.  Musk appealed to the governor to override in that case because that factory is very roomy, sparsely populated, well ventilated, very clean, really a model for how factories should be.  But Cal-OSHA wouldn’t call off their dogs.  Eventually Musk restarted the line anyway, the sheriff delivered a fifty dollar fine from the county health department, Musk framed it but never paid, the county didn’t attempt to stop the line because that is their bread and butter too.  The county kinda got it, the state didn’t.


In general, governments need to remember who they work for.  A big prosperous business pays billions in taxes.  The top guy alone pays 11 digits a year.  Lots of lower-level employees pay 7 and 8 digit tax bills.  The price of local real estate went thru the roof.  Sales were so hot, if one bought a “House for sale by owner” sign at the hardware store, one would collect a crowd following you home, offering food and sexual favors.  The state of California gets 1% per year of those absurd home prices, times half a million local homes, oh the size of that pile of money, just thinking about it makes one’s butt hurt, oh mercy.


So… our politicians should have some respect.  They should have more respect for people who pay the bills.  Figure out ways to keep those people happy and prosperous.  


Government people need to be reminded who works for who.  We don’t work for them.  They work for us.  Had the California government kept that in mind, Musk wouldn’t be moving to Texas.







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