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> In the newspaper:
> How did the antelope escape?
> What the new gnu knew news.
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A search finds -
A short quote-
Works in the Herald 1935    THE ELUSIVE NEW ZOO GNU

On Thursday last, the female Gnu presented the Zoo with a small, grey,
white-tailed baby; but she kept the matter secret for a day or so. The
director (Mr Wilkie) explained that gnus always hide their young in
order to protect them till they are strong enough to walk.

They had a new gnu at the Zoo
And nobody knew.
Tho' the keeper, they say, had a clue;
And that's probably true,
Since he knew a new gnu was due,
And well he knew, too,
That the mother would hide it from view,
As a natural gnu
Will do.

Read on for more at the link........   :)


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