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This graph has been from the New York Times.  In the past they have been
very punctual with data, with Florida reporting on Mondays and Thursdays.


Monday Florida reported 42, which is fairly light for a Monday.  I expected
they would have number up today, but they don't.


So. tomorrow we find out, since this week is long enough to see a signal if
omicron slays proles.  From the South Africa data, it appears it doesn't.


This first graph is covid fatalities in Florida, showing a relatively low 18
per day, which is less than one fatality per day per million population in
that crowded state:





This is the new case data from Florida.  It has been more than 2 weeks now
since it took off, so if we don't see big fatality numbers today, it is good



If the South Africans are right, that omicron results in about 75% natural
immunity from delta and doesn't slay proles, then this is good news indeed.




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