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Now we wait to see if India has those too.  Sooner or later, we will likely see bot vs bot battles.


>…I was approached by certain members of the Indian government in late 2019/early 2020 to develop countermeasures for certain anticipated Chinese military developments.  (They came to me because of prior work I've done: this was not directly related to my rocket work, and the contract would not have been done under CubeCab.)  Then COVID hit, and they were unable to get funding or time for almost anything else.  My team saw it coming, and urged them to sign the contract while they were still able to, but they instead sat around until it was too late.


>…Note that they are still, today, unable to proceed with development - because certain folks took the proposal we developed and handed it to Indian firms, who said they could make it (for much less and/or with kickbacks) but won't be able to deliver (because the proposal wasn't a complete blueprint, even if it might look like one to the ill-informed).


>…I'm sure they'll figure out how to actually make bots without their internal corruption completely preventing success, some day.  If nothing else they could just buy them…







Adrian you are better off without that contract.  They want to buy your intellectual property cheap.  They want to have you develop a workable control system, then it would be adios Adrian, nice doing business with you, services no longer required, the minute they figure out how to do your control systems themselves.


I can guarantee you this: India is trying to buy American control systems expertise.  The mechanical stuff they can do themselves.  They will attempt any and every shortcut available, as will China, as will the USA if we can.  Not that it has ever happened you understand… but the Nazis were ahead of everybody in the world in control systems technology in the 1940s.   That’s why so much of classical control system technology is based on German-invented mathematical concepts such as eigenvectors and eigenvalues and eigen this and eigen that.


India has military engineers.  They will figure out how to make battle bots.  They have an immediate use for them.  The USA doesn’t.  



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