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On Thu, Dec 30, 2021 at 1:33 PM Will Steinberg <steinberg.will at gmail.com>

> Just the language used, day of wrath, Latin, etc.  Comes off like the kind
> of shit I see on 4chan.

### Never been there but might have to visit, maybe find congenial souls :)

BTW, Mozart's Requiem which features these verses is one of the most moving
and dramatic pieces of music ever, especially when you follow the lyrics.
Truly soul-rending even for a soulless computational device like me.

> Also the death penalty is wrong and the state should not be given the
> authority to murder unless it is in active self defense

### I think that the death penalty does have a mild deterrent effect on
prospective murderers, and it is a way to permanently remove them from
circulation, so it does have the potential to produce a net reduction in
murders. I think that the gross reduction in murders per 100 executed true
murderers very likely and significantly exceeds 2% (but I don't know by how
much), so accepting a 2% false positive rate should preserve a net
beneficial effect on innocent lives saved from murder, and therefore the
death penalty for murder a reasonable and commendable action, under the
assumptions stated. Of course, I discount the value of a true murderer's
life to zero.

I agree with you that a state should not be able to kill people except in
war, which in my current minarchist mindset is the state's only reasonable
use case. I'd rather use a private judge and executioner to exact my
posthumous revenge on the one that kills me.

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