[ExI] [Extropolis] Luciferian Murder?

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Well, Ben, you are a grown man.  That is the way many young people think -
they own their girlfriends.  It's unfortunate, sure.  But teens kill one
another these days over much less than stealing girlfriends.  "Dissing' is
a main cause of death.   bill w

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> On 30/12/2021 19:04, billw wrote:
> > Somebody stole your girlfriend.  Are you going to spend the rest of
> > your life trying to get even with that person?
> I'm no PC snowflake, but I do think that this is an unfortunate example.
> It implies that girls are property that can be owned and therefore
> stolen. I've lost girls to others before, but I never considered them
> 'stolen', because they were never my property. Rather than resenting the
> 'thief', it's much better to consider why the relationship ended, learn
> from that, and get on with your life, hopefully wiser.
> Ben
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