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thanks Bill K - did go to Google and still don't understand it unless every
Chinese citizen is immune (which I doubt -if there is a 100% effective
preventative drug (which I doubt) that I don't know about, why doesn't WHO
get it to AFrica?) - even if they eradicated mosquitoes entirely, which
they didn't, they would still come in from neighboring countries in one way
or another.  bill w

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> > I can't figure out how China eliminated malaria.  Spraying, diagnosing,
> treating, etc. were done.
> > But presumably malaria-carrying mosquitoes are still there.  You can't
> get rid of mosquitoes all over China, can you?
> >
> > No mention of preventative drugs. I am stumped.
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> > bill w
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> Whenever you find yourself typing "I can't figure out how.......",
> then you should think "maybe I should ask Google"?
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> https://www.who.int/news/item/30-06-2021-from-30-million-cases-to-zero-china-is-certified-malaria-free-by-who
> >
> Quote:
> Beginning in the 1950s, health authorities in China worked to locate
> and stop the spread of malaria by providing preventive antimalarial
> medicines for people at risk of the disease as well as treatment for
> those who had fallen ill. The country also made a major effort to
> reduce mosquito breeding grounds and stepped up the use of insecticide
> spraying in homes in some areas.
> In 1967, the Chinese Government launched the “523 Project” – a
> nation-wide research programme aimed at finding new treatments for
> malaria. This effort, involving more than 500 scientists from 60
> institutions, led to the discovery in the 1970s of artemisinin – the
> core compound of artemisinin-based combination therapies (ACTs), the
> most effective antimalarial drugs available today.
> In the 1980s, China was one of the first countries in the world to
> extensively test the use of insecticide-treated nets (ITNs) for the
> prevention of malaria, well before nets were recommended by WHO for
> malaria control. By 1988, more than 2.4 million nets had been
> distributed nation-wide. The use of such nets led to substantial
> reductions in malaria incidence in the areas where they were deployed.
> etc......
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> BillK
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