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Spike, that is not an original idea unfortunately. 

Schizophrenia, schizoaffective disorder and bipolar disorder are likely different manifestations of a single underlying condition. 

This genetic research on these conditions has suggested this for sometime I believe. Twin research on “pro bands” in particular. Depression variations get implicated too. 

Differential diagnosis and inter-rater reliability are significant issues still. Use of objective measures and checklist helps with validity. The Brown ADD scale for example if used more vs a psychiatrist saying “yeah, seems like adhd to me,” will go along way towards helping with this. Adhd symptoms also have to be observed in multiple settings, and without a checklist for the teacher’s observation for example, one would only be going by parent report which is not as reliable for the multiple environments piece. 

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> >…  A child I knew whom I considered a perfectly normal, active boy, was diagnosed with ADHD and put on an antipsychotic drug, which made him a zombie…     bill w
> Hey cool, I have an idea.  I will go to the doctor, act like a wild man, get ADHD drugs, don’t eat them but just act like a zombie, sell the drugs, make a ton of money.
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