[ExI] Exxon Lobbyists reveal climate change denial tactics

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Scientific American steps in it – Watts Up With That?<https://wattsupwiththat.com/2021/06/02/scientific-american-steps-in-it/>
By Andy May. The left-wing Scientific American published a so-called review of Steven Koonin’s new book, Unsettled, by a number of prominent left-wing scientists.The article is headed by the mandatory sunset photo of steam coming out of powerplant chimneys. The article is not really a review, their substantive claims are very weak, it is really a hit piece to trash Koonin and his reputation ...

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Exxon Lobbyists Reveal in Secret Recordings How They Manipulate Politicians and the Public
A sting by Greenpeace UK exposes how the company talks a big climate game while ensuring nothing actually gets done.
Molly Taft    30 June 2021

Two lobbyists for Exxon have been caught on tape admitting how the company manipulates politicians and the public. Among the damning admissions are that the company views its advocacy for a carbon tax as little more than “an advocacy tool” and that it once funded “shadow groups” to fight climate science.


McCoy also told the interviewers that Exxon had poured money into “shadow groups” in order to fight against climate science. According to Greenpeace’s release, this marks the first time that a sitting executive at Exxon had admitted to the company’s role in funding dark money denier efforts.

“There’s nothing illegal about that,” McCoy helpfully noted. “We were looking out for our investments, we were looking out for our shareholders.”

“No matter how much Exxon wants you to think they care about the climate crisis, this shows as clear as day that the tiger hasn’t changed its stripes,” Charlie Kronick, a senior climate campaigner with Greenpeace UK, said in a release. “The oil giant is still using every trick in the lobbyist’s playbook to weaken or derail climate action in the U.S. We now know for sure that Exxon’s support for a carbon tax is just a cynical ploy based on their belief that it will never happen.”

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