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>…There are millions of people who won't get vaccinations, Covid or otherwise, despite recommendations from top scientists.  Are they antiscience? bill w



No.  There are some whose circumstances very clearly justify refusing the vaccine.  Consider those who live alone and never go out.  Groceries and supplies are delivered contactless.  In order to get the vaccine, they must go out and mingle with other people who might be infected.  They pose no risk to others in their own homes.  OK so… not that many, but I personally know two in those circumstances.  


We are told the federal government plans to go door to door inquiring.  I am vaccinated, but if they show up, I intend to show them a copy of the constitution and point to the 4th amendment.  They have no right to the information they ask.  So… they won’t get it.  Sure I could play along, but I see more risk in the government taking liberties with the constitution than benefit in finding people who are not vaccinated.







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