[ExI] antivaxxers

William Flynn Wallace foozler83 at gmail.com
Wed Jul 21 21:43:49 UTC 2021

Basic factors:

confirmation bias - ignoring relevant evidence whether confirming or
contradicting one's beliefs

openness to experience - related to above - a person rather closed would
come to a conclusion and leave it there

conscientiousness - a conscientious person would track down all the data he
needed - no first impressions believed

neuroticism - the anxiety prone would be far more likely to believe scary
data and even exaggerate data, or even believe any conspiracy theory that
scares them enough

conformity, compliance and obedience - perhaps there is peer pressure from
family, mates, friends, orders from parents, etc.  Don't want to stand out
from the crowd and get harassed.  Have to obey parents.  Conforming to
people they admire who think it's not big deal or even evil

contrarianism - this factor speaks for itself - this will include those who
think it's their right to do what they want and damn the consequences for
other people

poor understanding of probability - like those who chose to drive after
9/11 rather than fly

a history of not believing the government - this may be a major factor
among Blacks

I could dredge up some more biases but I think the above would fit most of
the antivaxxer crowd.  Feel free to add more factors you think are important

bill w
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