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The article is about the creation of the teenage culture and its
infiltration into adult life over the last 100 years.    Maybe in many
cases of the antivax the people are just immature.  Rebels.  Like On the
Waterfront:  "Just what are you opposed to?"  "What you got?"  (quote
paraphrased)  bill w

The tendencies Trump displayed – impulsiveness, belligerence, narcissism, a
cavalier disregard for social norms – have grown all too common over time
in society at large. One recent example is the stubborn refusal of many to
wear masks during the COVID-19 pandemic, a political act on the surface,
but at a deeper level a social phenomenon that could happen only in a
society where many have lost touch with what it means to act like a mature
adult in times of crisis and adversity. The larger social pattern helps
explain how a man displaying symptoms of the same syndrome could gain the
public support necessary to win the presidency once and nearly do it again.
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