[ExI] AI Could Soon Write Code Based on Ordinary Language

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>  That aside, sure, an AI could take a spec like "write a program to accept
> an integer, calculate the factorial of the integer and print the result".
> But real-world tasks are orders of magnitude more complicated.
> I see plenty of room for AI assistance, though.

"make me a sammich"

It's a known problem with a known solution that's pretty easy to deliver,
assuming the customer has no particular boundary conditions and is happy
enough with stock sandwiches.  There might be parameters for bread, meat,
cheese, condiments, etc.  There might be contexts for food allergies or
arbitrary preferences (no tomatoes= exclusion specific even when default is

I'd hope the joke "ok, you're a sammich" doesn't become horror when
machines are actually capable of such grossly misinterpreted directions.  :)

The idea of using "AI" to select answers  from already-solved questions is
why no small business should be doing their own accounting... there are
standard applications and/or standard outsourcing that has economy of scale
you won't outperform without treading into gray zone illegality.

But yeah, the suggestion that people can even ask for what they want using
natural language is pretty funny.  Ex: google "tree swing project"

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