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>> "If you can build it, I can hack it."   Is that true?  Are we ever, ever
>> going to have a secure web so that enemies can't shut down anything they
>> want to?
> That's not true. Security is hard but it's not impossible. Security
> professionals know how to improve security, they just need to be asked and
> paid.

And authorized to actually do their jobs despite management's subsequent

"What do you MEAN, I have to actually enter my password now?  This is
unacceptable!  I'm too important to be tasked to remember a password!"

"What do you MEAN, I am no longer allowed to access sensitive documents
from the local Starbucks?"

"What do you MEAN, you want to log what I do?  Are you seriously
proposing to hold me accountable for my actions?   I can have you fired for
suggesting such indignity!"

> Perfect security, like anything else nontrivial, isn't achievable. But
> good enough security is certainly doable.

Specifically, far better security than we have is achievable - in theory.
In practice, security and usability are often seen as tradeoffs of one
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