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It is interesting how some elderly make it to their nineties and beyond in
good shape due to being blessed with a genetic hardiness that others lack.
We need to figure out how we can replicate their condition so that everyone
can be so fortunate.


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> About 3.4 million people, or 13.9 *percent* of the population age 71 and
> *older*, have some form of *dementia*, the study found. As expected, the
> prevalence of *dementia* increased dramatically with age, from five
> *percent* of those aged 71 to 79 to 37.4 *percent* of those age 90 and
> *older*.
> How about them 90 year olds?  Almost 2/3rds functioning well.  Of course
> one does not get to be 90 without being in good health, as a general rule.
> Surely the percentages would be higher if those with simple cognitive
> decline, such as mild memory problems were included.  (I am assuming that
> 'dementia' does not include those.)
> bill w
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