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Well, Spike, you are my role model:  a person who jumps in and does things with schools, scout groups, and the like…


You are too kind, sir.  


I have a role model: Sal Khan.  I admire the hell outta that guy.


To be an effective role model, one needs a lot of face time as well as doing the right thing always.  So one can think of it as the right-thing coefficient (call it C sub rt) and the face time coefficient (C sub ft) then the product describes a factor in the equation of the efficacy as a role model.


Sal beats me every time in doing the right thing, HOWEVER!... I beat that lad like a red-headed step child in face time.  I am ALWAYS right here with me.  So… I am my own role model.  I then just do whatever the hell I do, then I emulate myself at every opportunity.  It works!  So that’s how I end up doing the school stuff.  I saw me doing it, thought that was cool, so I wanted to do it too.  So I did.  And so on.


>…  I was just asked a question on quora and here is part of my answer:


https://www.treehugger.com/why-were-happier-when-were-older-4861071#:~:text=A%20recent%20study%20found%20a,the%20most%20unhappy%20in%20life. <https://www.treehugger.com/why-were-happier-when-were-older-4861071#:~:text=A%20recent%20study%20found%20a,the%20most%20unhappy%20in%20life.&text=%E2%80%9CPeople%20who%20were%20in%20older,perceived%20stress%20than%20younger%20respondents.%E2%80%9D> &text=%E2%80%9CPeople%20who%20were%20in%20older,perceived%20stress%20than%20younger%20respondents.%E2%80%9D


>…  bill w


Of course.  Look at us.  Alla yas, look at the times in which we live.  Last week I rented a car which can very nearly DRIVE ITSELF and note the modifier ‘very nearly.’  I didn’t write about it because I don’t want every Exi yahoo going and renting one to see if they really can drive themselves, but would rather leave it at saying they kinda can, under some ideal circumstances.  Is that cool or what?


Regarding your Quora comment: I am WAAAY happier now than I was 20 yrs ago.


Look at the times we live: the new space observatories, science instruments DETECTING GRAVITY WAVES on a regular basis, oh what a time to be alive, Billw, and you and I have the privilege to see it all happen, me lad.  We are old enough to remember before we had all this cool stuff, so we know how cool it all is.



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