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>> Well, Spike, you are my role model:  a person who jumps in and does things with schools, scout groups, and the like.  I am basically helping two young females with severe learning disabilities.  But that's all.  I do try to share some of my wit and 'wisdom' on Quora and do have hundreds of followers, so I guess saying that I contribute nothing is wrong.  I suppose I said that because of the severe limitations my health places on me.  I wish I could do more for others and for myself as well.  But you have to deal with the cards you are dealt and I am satisfied with that (not exactly happy but not depressed either).  I was just asked a question on quora and here is part of my answer:
>> https://www.treehugger.com/why-were-happier-when-were-older-4861071#:~:text=A%20recent%20study%20found%20a,the%20most%20unhappy%20in%20life.&text=%E2%80%9CPeople%20who%20were%20in%20older,perceived%20stress%20than%20younger%20respondents.%E2%80%9D
>> (I couldn't find a way to shorten that link)  bill w
> What name do you go by on Quora?

In case anyone’s interested, I go by Dan Ust on Quora. Not much content attached to my name there. I’m more a consumer than a participant. ;)


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