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> I was under the impression that hysterical blindness (which my 92 yo
> grandpa has had since 16) is not “faking”.  For reference he got caught in
> a peanut thrasher for 3 days with the blade an inch or so away from his
> eye, then slipped into a 16 day coma upon his rescue.
> He legitimately believes he cannot see anything out of that eye, and if
> you do something on that side he says he doesn’t know what you did. But
> sudden movements on that side startle him.
> Has he just been playing pretend for 76 years? (Honest Question)

Hysterical symptoms, or conversion disorder in the DSM-5, is different from
feigning, where the patient knows the symptoms are not real and is doing it
for some perceived gain. Of course, it is never certain if the patient is,
in fact, feigning.

Stathis Papaioannou

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