[ExI] Humans might be making genetic evolution obsolete

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Tue Jun 15 13:54:02 UTC 2021

Humans might be making genetic evolution obsolete
By Cameron Duke - Live Science Contributor   14 June 2021

Humans now evolve faster than ever, and it's not because of genes.


Waring and Wood argue in their new study, published June 2 in the
journal Proceedings of the Royal Society B, that at some point in
human history, culture began to wrest evolutionary control from our
DNA. And now, they say, cultural change is allowing us to evolve in
ways biological change alone could not.

Here's why: Culture is group-oriented, and people in those groups talk
to, learn from and imitate one another. These group behaviors allow
people to pass on adaptations they learned through culture faster than
genes can transmit similar survival benefits. An individual can learn
skills and information from a nearly unlimited number of people in a
small amount of time and, in turn, spread that information to many
In contrast, a person only inherits genetic information from two
parents and racks up relatively few random mutations in their eggs or
sperm, which takes about 20 years to be passed on to their small
handful of children. That's just a much slower pace of change.
It’s possible, the researchers suggest, that the appearance of human
culture represents a key evolutionary milestone.

Sounds good to me........


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