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But think about it: what is up with that whole “codpiece” business?


>…Back then "cod" also meant "bag", and got used for "scrotum" in that context.



Well sure Adrian, that’s the story they told everybody.  But we know what they were REALLY doing.


Think about it.  Suppose he had an actual literal cod in his drawers.  How would he be keeping it in place?  Duct tape?  HAH!  No, they didn’t even have ducts in those days.  We know how they were wearing them, and that would also explain the bizarre fashion statement.  As unfathomable as fashions are, both then and now, this particular “codpiece” business wasn’t really about fashion.  They were doing it because it felt good.  And that would also explain how they kept the dang thing in place, ja?


Of course they couldn’t actually say in polite company what it was all about, but we know, do we not?  So the whole cod = bag cover story was invented, hoping we naïve people hundreds of years in the future wouldn’t know what those fellers were up to.  But we figured it out.  How?  We asked the male ballerinos why their costumes look like that.


This is all fun and games until we are hit by the stunning realization… that we are all direct descendants of the kind of people who would do that to a hapless fish and claim it was a fashion thing.



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