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Thu Jun 24 15:45:14 UTC 2021


I initially gave the local sign painter a 67% accuracy rating for having six
of the nine letters oriented correctly.  Then it occurred to me that three
of the letters are bilaterally symmetrical about the horizontal axis, so
those don't count as correct (since either way is correct.)  If we argue
that the K should get half credit for being asymmetrical about the vertical
axis, we must note that the A is symmetrical about the vertical axis, so
that one only gets half credit too.  By that reasoning, the A and K together
only get one point when combined.


If we take those out the K, the I and the O, we have six remaining letters,
only three of which are correctly oriented.   I would hafta give that job a
50% success rate, or epic fail.  Placing the stencils at random have an even
chance of meeting or exceeding this pathetic performance.  I would offer an
epic fail rating even before noting that the area adjacent to a handicap
space must be demarcated in blue rather than white.


Note that if the intention was to convey to the occupants of the building
the puzzling message GNIKRAP ON, then five of the nine letters are in the
correct orientation.  If so, the sign-painter's success rating is five of
nine or 55.6%, which is still grossly incompetent, but an improvement over
50%.  All she needs to do is define the phrase.  Perhaps it is a message
that urges performers to continue with the entertainment form considered to
be derived from and a subset of rap music associated with the obscure Gnik
culture of Tannu Tuva.  This would offer an explanation (even if wildly
implausible) that the message GNIKRAP ON was the original intention, with
only four of nine letters in error.




Do pardon please.  I am struggling to not think about that horrifying
building collapse in Florida.  Silliness is a well-known psychological
escape mechanism.



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