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Cool do we have any documentation of $wacked'd


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I am pretty that by now everybody here has heard of McAfee's alleged suicide
in a Catalan prison. I just thought it was strange that former Libertarian
party presidential hopeful could have died under such mysterious
circumstances. Especially, after having publically announced less than two
years ago that he would never kill himself, and was worried that powerful
people were out to kill him and make it look like a suicide. The man even
had his arm tattooed with "$whack'd"  
so people would know that someone had pid to have him killed.

I mean Epstein's self-hanging in prison was controversial, but he was a
billionaire who had lost everything and had been called out as a pedophile
to the entire world. It would therefore be conceivable that he might
actually WANT to die out of shame. But don't see how a libertarian like
McAfee would be ashamed enough about tax-evasion, of all things, to kill

Stuart LaForge

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