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> I am pretty that by now everybody here has heard of McAfee's alleged
> suicide in a Catalan prison. I just thought it was strange that former
> Libertarian party presidential hopeful could have died under such
> mysterious circumstances. Especially, after having publically
> announced less than two years ago that he would never kill himself,
> and was worried that powerful people were out to kill him and make it
> look like a suicide. The man even had his arm tattooed with "$whack'd"
> so people would know that someone had pid to have him killed.
> I mean Epstein's self-hanging in prison was controversial, but he was
> a billionaire who had lost everything and had been called out as a
> pedophile to the entire world. It would therefore be conceivable that
> he might actually WANT to die out of shame. But don't see how a
> libertarian like McAfee would be ashamed enough about tax-evasion, of
> all things, to kill himself.

Being locked up in an American prison for the rest of his life might be
considered a reason.

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