[ExI] Study of social media behavior must be 'crisis discipline'

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Do we think that T's followers believed all of his lies, or just thought
they didn't matter?  Teflon like Reagan?  Essentially treated like a god?
The bio of Washington I just finished showed me that a large percentage of
the people want a kinglike figure to adore/worship, and faults didn't seem
to matter (who was going to do that to Hilary? as a side question).  One of
my areas is persuasive communications and what is going on these days is
highly interesting and in some respects inscrutable.  bill w

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>> The mainstreamers' credibility will take years to recover lost ground.
> The mainstream, by definition, is who people trust more than other
> sources.  They will continue to be trusted despite their blunders, just
> like they have in the past, if only because of a lack of other sources that
> have as much reach.
> That said, the "mainstream" consists of many more sources than it did a
> decade ago.
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