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When I first heard of that Florida building collapse, my first thought was sinkhole.  We know those things happen there: the landscape has limestone formations all over the place.  Limestone is calcium carbonate.  Its solubility under pressure is greater than when not under pressure.  I assumed that the tower put more pressure on a limestone formation that eventually gave out after 40 yrs.


Now I hear something weird.  Someone who perished on the 4th floor was on the phone with her husband when she reported that the swimming pool was gone.  OK sinkhole (rather than salt air degrading steel structure (which I never believed (because plenty of places have both salt spray and steel (and prevailing winds push most of that out to see from Miami (and buildings have a huuuuuge safety margin, huge, overkill (but it doesn’t matter how big is the structural margin if the ground below the building gives out.)))))  But I would assume the pressure on the limestone below the building would be way higher than the pressure below the pool.  So now I don’t understand.


Sheesh, sinkhole takes down condo.  Helva note.



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