[ExI] emotions and decision making

William Flynn Wallace foozler83 at gmail.com
Tue Jun 29 14:33:00 UTC 2021

How would human behaviour be more or less ethical and/or moral if the
processes of decision making was conducted in the absence of emotional
attachment?  from quora

Can’t be done. A man with a brain injury which detached the emotional
center from the frontal cortex could not make a simple decision. Coffee?
Could not decide.

So the question is moot: we simply cannot do it. You are assuming that all
emotional things are irrational. Think of them as nonrational. Emotions
makes perfectly good sense: we enjoy food, sex, beauty and so on. All great

Fear keeps us safe. Let’s hear it for fear! Of course any emotion can be
bad. Too much lust could lead to rape. Too much fear leads to phobias and
shyness. Too much enjoyment of food can lead to obesity, and so on for all

Be thankful for your emotions. Like anything else, they could lead you to
bad decisions, but without them we are zombies who can make no decisions at
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