[ExI] [Extropolis] “Lust” and sexual violence

William Flynn Wallace foozler83 at gmail.com
Tue Jun 29 21:49:44 UTC 2021

Where would we stop?  If we could have an orgasm by pulling our left
earlobe anything we wanted to...........?  I think we have enough orgasms
(though I cannot speak for myself).  I would enhance our sense of smell so
that we could enjoy food, flowers, etc. so much more.  I would enhance
vision to the eagle level.  I would introduce a mute button to hearing and
add lower and higher frequencies.

Then I would make these enhanced senses last far into old age.  What
evolution's object is to make us, esp. men, deafer and deafer as we grow
older, is a puzzle.  Ditto cataracts.
But personally, life was a great deal, I think we can agree on that.

bill w
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