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>…A rarity.  Extremely uncommon.  You made me laugh out loud.  Good way to start the day.  bill w



We all need more laughter in our lives.  Of all beasts, I know of no other species that does that, and just think about how much of a waste that is.


Consider domestic dogs and cats: those two in particular because they are often in the house with humans.  Consider all the stupid crazy funny things we do when only they are around.  We humans know they won’t tell, so we let ourselves be ourselves with our dogs and cats.  No matter how silly are the comments we make to them, they never laugh.  The dog kinda tilts his head in that way that makes us laugh, with that puzzled look on his face, as if to say “whaaaaat in the helllllll…” He never laughs out loud.


The cat is even worse.  She pretends she doesn’t even notice, regardless of how absurd we act around them.  She never even smiles.  She’s all business: put the kibbles in the bowl, you two-legged monster, and we will get along just fine.  Never laughs at our silliness.


Oh wait, never mind.  I just realized why the dog never says anything, even when he sees us pulling our earlobe.  Reason: we know what he does.  He’s all, No problem sir, what plays in Vegas stays in Vegas.  I won’t tell if you won’t.






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