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>…Why haven't there been big sales of gadgets that go in your back window and deliver messages to those behind you?  Perfect for this day and age.  Can even be programmed to respond to voice and deliver the message where the cars behind you can easily read it.  I'll bet you can guess what most of the messages say….   bill w




I can think of some modifications that would be less likely to cause road rage.  We could rig it with a camera and an AI processor, such that it would look around and make a judgement on what message to send.  For instance, it would need some kind of image recognition software.  If it is some ugly galoot with Don’t Tread on Me stickers for instance, have it scroll “Have a nice day…” then as after he passes “…you stupid palooka…”


Or if the car is following too close, have it say something like, “Back off, or I’ll fart…” that kinda thing.





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