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To all family members

Re:  Jennie's brain.


>…Her sexual feelings will now trigger a feeling of being quite cold, … Garcia Kwame Goldstein


>…Now - what year is this?  …

bill w




I know, professor!  Nineteen Eighty Four!


Fun aside please:  my son’s 10th grade class is studying Orwell.  I posted a note to his teacher, cheering her on and offering every encouragement.


His assignment was to write a passage and translate it to Newspeak.  This was the result:





Greetings comrades! It is Big Brother with a big message. A doublepluslarge ungood has moved through London recentwise. Some of your fellow comrades getted pornosec unlaw-wise from the proles through the black market. Pornosec is prolefeed made by an unmany group of womans in FicDep and gived straightwise to the proles in secret envelopes. Remember, comrades, pornosec is goodest for the proles, not for you. The proles need prolefeed to keep them unoldthinkful and happy. However, when watching pornosec, you think pornosecwise singlewise. Our doubleplusunfriend Goldstein and the Brotherhood want to give this pornosec to comrades of The Outer Party to make your minds uncleanful, your thoughts uncollected, and unhelp our society anywise. 


Uncontrolful sexual crimethink beginned in the antetimes, when capitalists ruled. As you know, the anteworld was uncleanful, unwealthful, and sexcrimeful, ruled by men who obeyed no laws and treated other comrades doubleplusungoodwise. Capitalist rulers sleeped with womans as they chose, leaving plusmany womans childful and plusunwealthful. Womans of Airstrip One, we antesaved you from these crimethinkful mans, and we will do so postwise. However, you must work to protect yourselves too. To see pornosec unlaw-wise makes mans crimethinkful and sexcrimeful, and makes womans chase doubleplusunsafe fun. Womans, remember that creating children is unmore than your duty to the Party. To enjoy sex is to maluse and ungood it; to love your spouse more than Big Brother is crimethink. Pornosec breaks your bellyfeel for Big Brother, your doublethink, and creates doublepluspain!

I extend my friendwise congratulations to the Junior Anti-sex League on their winful campaign versus unlawful Pornosec use by the Outer Party! We catched two persons in the anteday involved with the use and giving of such prolefeed to the Outer Party; they have been sended straightwise to Miniluv to cleanthink again. The Junior Anti-sex League does a doubleplusgood thing — showing the womans of now and post generations that they are unequal to the mans that anteruled society, rather far gooder; by nature they are gooder supporters of the Party and do their duty with strength and honor. Young womans, take this doubleplusgood chance, and join the Junior Anti-sex League today! Groupwise, we will fight pornosec maluse, and postkill sexcrime fullwise!







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