[ExI] the biggest non sequitur

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Sun Nov 7 05:31:44 UTC 2021

Vl'hurgs, not Vogons. The Vogons are the ones who destroyed the Earth out
of sheer bureaucratic apathy.

But yes, Douglas Adams was, indeed, one of the most clever writers to have
ever lived.

I'm particularly fond of "[the robots] unpacked the backup central mission
module from its storage housing, carried it out of the storage chamber,
fell out of the ship and went spinning off into the void.

This provided the first major clue as to what it was that was wrong [with
the central mission module they were replacing]."


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> From Douglas Adams (Hitchhiker's Guide...)
> (Not word for word)   The Vogons, incensed at the insult from Earth, sent
> a gigantic fleet to destroy it, but thanks to a monstrous error in scale,
> it was swallowed by a small dog.
> If that is not the most clever way for a writer to get out of an
> existential crisis, I'd like to hear your choice.    bill w
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