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>…If human beings are still around hundreds of years from now, Orwell's name will too.  bill w



Thanks for that sir.  You made my day with that comment.


For a while, all the good guys were falling out of favor: Orwell, Bradbury, even Golding.  Now all three have come roaring back with a vengeance.


Here’s a fun one for yas: I was talking to a local who is in his freshman year at UC Irvine.  I asked what was really turning him on there (well, besides that I mean.)  He called attention to an English class of all things (surprise number 1.)  He isn’t even an English major, his major is accounting.  I asked what about that English class.  He answered with an even bigger surprise: the professor had assigned Lukianoff and Haidt’s The Coddling of the American Mind.


That a young person should be fired up by that book is most pleasantly astonishing.  I and my friends (all around 60) are and have been for years fans of Haidt, but young people tend to extremes.  I perceive Haidt as a moderate, or if not moderate, certainly open minded and insightful.  So we have this 18 year old who is finding a moderate insightful and helpful.  


Conclusion: there is hope.





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