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>…Young men are willing and able to run around on a field, hit, get hit, try to advance a ball, succeed, fail, create massive numbers of rules …What could be so wrong about that?  In one theory they are our gladiators.  Or like the Roman said, our circuses (and what happened to them?)   bill w


It’s our symbolic warfare.  We have evolved to compete.  Back in the old days, it was survival: go attack the tribe on the other side of that hill, otherwise they will attack you.  Terrain acquisition warfare is so ingrained in our DNA that when it came to an end about at the start of the 20th century with the advent of machine guns, we really didn’t quite know what to do without it.  Terrain acquisition became an instinct without a behavior to go with it.  So… the rise in popularity of the symbolic version in rugby, soccer, football, etc.  In the case of American football, you even get the occasional injury to enhance the experience.


Since football is a rough sport, only the young and athletic can play it, so most of us are left to experiencing it vicariously, cheering for the home team, betting on the outcomes, that sorta thing.


Now we figured out how to spare ourselves a lotta expense and make software simulations of our simulated battles, with fantasy football.  No need to buy 100 dollar tickets to watch galoots tackle each other, when we can get a 30 dollar software package which really works the same way, and gives the user extra control, for she makes herself the head coach.


If realism is your thing, you can get simulated battle games in the form of first-person shooter or make yourself the commander of the American fleet at Midway, 1942.  Take on the Japanese carriers.


We are developing more and more ways to harmlessly (?) satisfy the mysterious inner urges, the instincts previously missing a corresponding behavior, through our software creations.  I put the (?) after harmlessly, for the result we see are more and more of the young realizing they have an ever more attractive option in our modern world.  More young people have the option to never enter the adult world, but rather lie low, embrace poverty, spend their time in their parent-supplied rooms or very cheap apartments, live on charity, play video games endlessly, eschew the working world entirely.  Previously that option required alcohol or drugs generally, which cost money, but now it really doesn’t.  Anyone can generally be a useless low-end consumer without chemical enhancement.







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