[ExI] The Metaverse Is Big Brother in Disguise

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Thu Nov 11 11:57:08 UTC 2021

The Metaverse Is Big Brother in Disguise: Freedom Meted Out by
Technological Tyrants
John Whitehead    Published Nov 9, 2021

(Long Article)

“The term metaverse, like the term meritocracy, was coined in a sci fi
dystopia novel written as cautionary tale. Then techies took
metaverse, and technocrats took meritocracy, and enthusiastically
adopted what was meant to inspire horror.”—Antonio García Martínez

Welcome to the Matrix (i.e. the metaverse), where reality is virtual,
freedom is only as free as one’s technological overlords allow, and
artificial intelligence is slowly rendering humanity unnecessary,
inferior and obsolete.

Consider that in our present virtue-signaling world where fascism
disguises itself as tolerance, the only way to enjoy even a semblance
of freedom is by opting to voluntarily censor yourself, comply,
conform and march in lockstep with whatever prevailing views dominate.

Fail to do so—by daring to espouse “dangerous” ideas or support
unpopular political movements—and you will find yourself shut out of
commerce, employment, and society: Facebook will ban you, Twitter will
shut you down, Instagram will de-platform you, and your employer will
issue ultimatums that force you to choose between your so-called
freedoms and economic survival.

This is exactly how Corporate America plans to groom us for a world in
which “we the people” are unthinking, unresistant, slavishly obedient
automatons in bondage to a Deep State policed by computer algorithms.

Science fiction has become fact.

Look around you. Everywhere you turn, people are so addicted to their
internet-connected screen devices—smart phones, tablets, computers,
televisions—that they can go for hours at a time submerged in a
virtual world where human interaction is filtered through the medium
of technology.

This is not freedom.

This long polemic covers a lot of ground. Some of it seems to me to be
rather exaggerated. Then I rethink, 'Maybe it is just a few years
early'. It is the direction of these developments that is significant.
The worry is that the more extreme fears might become our new reality.


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