[ExI] The Metaverse Is Big Brother in Disguise

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> Fail to do so—by daring to espouse “dangerous” ideas or support
> unpopular political movements—and you will find yourself shut out of
> commerce, employment, and society: Facebook will ban you, Twitter will
> shut you down, Instagram will de-platform you, and your employer will
> issue ultimatums that force you to choose between your so-called
> freedoms and economic survival.

The cases I am aware of where this happened went rather beyond mere
"unpopular political movements".  For instance, claiming that all or most
Mexican immigrants to the US are murderers and/or rapists is factually
incorrect.  Claiming, without context, that the anti-coronavirus vaccines
are more dangerous than coronavirus is likewise incorrect, and generally
has the effect of causing people to get sicker (by encouraging people not
to take the vaccine) to a high enough degree to cause significant problems
for the rest of us.
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