[ExI] The Metaverse Is Big Brother in Disguise

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Thu Nov 11 18:08:49 UTC 2021

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> The cases I am aware of where this happened went rather beyond mere "unpopular political movements".  For instance, claiming that all or most Mexican immigrants to the US are murderers and/or rapists is factually incorrect.  Claiming, without context, that the anti-coronavirus vaccines are more dangerous than coronavirus is likewise incorrect, and generally has the effect of causing people to get sicker (by encouraging people not to take the vaccine) to a high enough degree to cause significant problems for the rest of us.
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Arguing about specific cases is missing the point.
There will always be contrary opinions.
The millions of supporters of the previous president probably object
to him being banned from Facebook and Twitter.
The point is whether the Metaverse should be a public service or a
state-controlled service (like in China) where people with bad social
credit can be made into non-persons.
(It makes no practical difference whether the Metaverse is controlled
by a company that just happens to do what politicians or powerful
people want them to do).

If people are transferring more and more of their life into the
Metaverse then legislation must change to ensure that there is legal
protection for minority opinions. 'Banning' of lives from the Metaverse
must involve laws being broken, trials and sentencing.
Not just 'Somebody doesn't like what they're saying'.
A totalitarian political system would of course ensure that the laws,
trials, and sentencing were in line with government policy.


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