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I am Enough requested your answer <https://www.quora.com/qemail/track_click?al_imp=eyJ0eXBlIjogMzUsICJoYXNoIjogLTE3MTc1NjE2NTR9&al_pri=1&aoid=ot0Z1Q647PB&aoty=2&aty=4&cp=1&ct=1634063697514676&et=103&id=6ceff58b02b44e9dad9d61166a6b00e1&request_id=289&src=1&st=1634063697518845&stories=27461907629&uid=zGWPcMS0Aej&v=0> How can I stop my brain from creating limiting beliefs? Like I be on a chill and I get a blue pen to take notes then I end up using black because I have a bad feeling about the blue pen. <https://www.quora.com/qemail/track_click?al_imp=eyJ0eXBlIjogMzUsICJoYXNoIjogLTE3MTc1NjE2NTR9&al_pri=1&aoid=ot0Z1Q647PB&aoty=2&aty=4&cp=1&ct=1634063697514676&et=103&id=6ceff58b02b44e9dad9d61166a6b00e1&request_id=289&src=1&st=1634063697518845&stories=27461907629&uid=zGWPcMS0Aej&v=0> 
 <https://www.quora.com/qemail/track_click?al_imp=eyJ0eXBlIjogMzUsICJoYXNoIjogLTE3MTc1NjE2NTR9&al_pri=1&aoid=ot0Z1Q647PB&aoty=2&aty=4&cp=1&ct=1634063697514676&et=103&id=6ceff58b02b44e9dad9d61166a6b00e1&request_id=289&src=1&st=1634063697518845&stories=27461907629&uid=zGWPcMS0Aej&v=0> This is really one for Spike.  I can only imagine what he would do with it.  I am just going to delete it and not dis the guy.   bill w





Well I can give it my best shot.  There are home tests I understand, or go to one of the free testing places that are now common, as a first step.  Often with this particular symptom, there is a measurable fever associated with the common immune system reaction, so have the means on hand in the medicine cabinet to check that.  If it is a cold or seasonal flu, I would recommend aspirin and bedrest, plenty of fluids, etc until the chill and associated symptoms abate.


Regarding the pens: I often have a similar experience, but I have found an effective way to deal with it.  We seldom use pens in our times, for most communication is done with a keyboard.  But a place where the keyboard is often unavailable is in the car.  So we carry with us the time-honored but mostly obsolete sticky pad and pens in the pistol box.  Greenhouse effect and global warming cause the pens to reach a high temperature, in many cases resulting in their being unreliable, which is thought to be the underlying cause for general bad feelings about pens.  I suggest carrying pencils in the car, and carrying only your least valuable pistol in there for the heat isn’t good for those either.  Then your limiting beliefs will diminish with time as your memory of ever having used pens will gradually fade.


Regarding only being able to imagine what I will do with the question, now you don’t need to only imagine.  Regarding deleting the question: too late for that.  Regarding dis the guy, I have long puzzled over that particular popular saying.  Why the heck would I am Enough include the negation of the verb then neglect to specify what he or she will not do?  Will he or she not disrobe the me?  Ummm… OK good, thanks.  Not disassemble the guy?  Sure.  Not disintegrate?  Reminds one of the time Bugs was trying to stop Marvin the Martian from disintegrating the earth in the classic Hare-way to the Stars.  I have never heard of this I am Enough character, but I do request further clarification of what it is he or she planning to not do to me.






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