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>>…"dis" is short for "disrespect" or "insult", though in a lesser way (thus the shortening).


>…Ah.  In that case, I shall un, for I am anti.  We should all be more contra, for then we will not.







This brings back discussions from long ago about prefix appropriation.  Well… for that matter, the term appropriation, which in our times has become a kind of shorthand for the cultural variety.  I oppose prefix appropriation, even though we can see it is thriving, much to my dismay.


For instance, what do you think of when someone says “they are all heteros.”  I object to this.  Those who prefer male-female sexual relations may not appropriate the term hetero.  That is a prefix that we need to keep general.  All prefixes and suffixes should be kept general and multi-purpose.  We must start an affix rights movement, help reduce violence to grammar.  Those who are unclear on the urgency should review the Newspeak section of Nineteen Eighty Four.



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