[ExI] sex slaves

William Flynn Wallace foozler83 at gmail.com
Fri Nov 19 17:42:57 UTC 2021

Why do men want sex slaves?  Well duh, they can't be turned down.  We men
are superior and women should do what we ask.  Isn't that in the Bible?
Actually it is.

"Why won't women have sex with me?  There's nothing wrong with me.  And
they would enjoy it!  I'll show them"  This is the tune of a rapist/wife
beater.  It starts as usual with the mother.  Mother is often the person to
tell kids what they can or can't do, and when they grow up they may want
the roles reversed.  So we have a mother complex here.  Resentment, anger,
retaliation, feelings of inferiority and more.

With the right man, women can enjoy sex more than men can.  But nature
tells women to be picky - nothing more important than the father of their
children, right?

Me?  I have never been turned down.  Of course you have to ask first, and I
have never asked.  It, to me, is not a favor women do for men.  It's mutual
or it's something I won't do.  Women can tell men nonverbally how far to
go, and I have always stopped at that point.

Men who want sex slaves (or even just men who have to be the boss) are
pitiful examples of the male side of the human race.  bill w
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