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>…Ah, another language purist….  


Billw, being a language purist is the easiest place of all to be a purist.  In any other arena, to be a purist means one must be actually, literally, pure.  Far easier it is to be an impurist.  We even have a kind of socioreligious umbrella under which we shelter: Impuritanism.


>…People will use language any way they want to - see the 400 additions to the Webster dictionary….


Eh, Webstah schmebstah.  What does he know?  He was kinda mildly entertaining when he was still a cute little kid, but it didn’t work after season 2 and Alex Karras didn’t really break thru into show biz.


>…  You just can't stop it…


Ah, unnecessarily defeatist attitude Billw.  Affix appropriation can be stopped!  But we need more who believe it can be done.  What this world needs is more featists.  We can band together and even come up with a dismissive or derogatory term for those hopeless pessimists who whack off the adjective or verb from its modifier.  We can call them the DEs.  Then we make up corresponding missive or rogatory terms for ourselves.


>…And don't forget infixes.   bill w


Ja.  Those are a whole nother story.  Infixes are my friends.  I can guaranfreakingtee you, I will never neglect them.  However I might still argue that walnuts and sunflower seeds should have been unpolysaturated fats to start with.  The nutrition people followed the science rather than the grammar.


All of this reminds me of the reason I have hung out here for nearly three tragically-squandered decades: the delightfully chaotic way in which memes replicate and mutate to form new species of mutant memes.  One can toss any notion, sensible or absurd, into the swirling maelstrom of ideas.  It is impossible to predict where it will go, like when one presses the handle and drops in the TP after having one of those where it goes plup plup plup about 20 times, as happens sometimes, and around it goes, unpredictably.  This particular comparison may need some work, for in the cited case, it is very predictable where it will eventually go.  Furthermore, the analogy will likely never be used in Reader’s Digest section “Toward More Picturesque Speech.”  But otherwise… it is like that sorta.














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>>…"dis" is short for "disrespect" or "insult", though in a lesser way (thus the shortening).


>…Ah.  In that case, I shall un, for I am anti.  We should all be more contra, for then we will not.







This brings back discussions from long ago about prefix appropriation.  Well… for that matter, the term appropriation, which in our times has become a kind of shorthand for the cultural variety.  I oppose prefix appropriation, even though we can see it is thriving, much to my dismay.


For instance, what do you think of when someone says “they are all heteros.”  I object to this.  Those who prefer male-female sexual relations may not appropriate the term hetero.  That is a prefix that we need to keep general.  All prefixes and suffixes should be kept general and multi-purpose.  We must start an affix rights movement, help reduce violence to grammar.  Those who are unclear on the urgency should review the Newspeak section of Nineteen Eighty Four.



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