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> >…I also say 'ghost poo' rather than 'packing peanuts'.  Do you?  Oh 
> >sorry, irrelevant example…bill w

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>...I'm with Spike. I haven't heard those terms used either.
It took me a bit of puzzling to work out that (I think) William was referring to the loose-fill polystyrene protection you find inside Amazon boxes.



Fortunately I think those are nearly extinct now.  When people dumped them in the trash and the truck came on a windy day, they would blow all over the neighborhood.  They don't break down, or if so, not in this particular lifetime, so they all must be picked up individually.

They tried making them out of rice, but oh what a sticky mess if they get wet.  If they get loose in the hood when it is raining, it is an even bigger mess than the styro peanuts.

I have gotten stuff packed in popcorn, which looks to me like a good answer: the birds and squirrels will eat it.

I do like the most recent trend: a lot of electronic devices are all solid state so they can take a lot of impact.  Then those liter packing pillows will work, which is cool because popping them is even more satisfying than the old bubble wrap: fewer but bigger pops.  Most entertaining for they can be dual purposed: one can put them under his bride's tires and such.  Oh mercy, I sooo need to get a life.


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