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Hey cool, I had an idea today so cool, some yahoo probably already stole it before I thought of it, a reprehensible kidnapper of notions before the ideas are even born is she or he, deplorable, without conscience! 


OK the idea: most of us have seen those doorbells which take a digital image and text it to the homeowner.  We could go beyond that.  There is a hard wire between the traditional old doorbell and the ringer unit inside, so the old time doorbells are just a switch.  But we don’t need that hard wire now, because we have Bluetooth, and we can power an inside ringer unit by other means if we wish.  


OK so now… the outside doorbell already has a niche cut out for it and a power source already in place, so this wouldn’t even be difficult.  We create a doorbell switch with one of those cell phone cameras.  Some prole pushes the button, the camera takes a photo, sends it to your phone the way the current bell-cams do, but this one is better: it would have an AI of some sort which does image recognition.  It would recognize the Jehovah’s Witnesses for instance and not ring the indoor bell unit, but would have a soft ding dong that plays outside in such a way that makes them think your inside bell did ring.  This way it doesn’t break your concentration as you view your… well, whatever it is you were viewing, none of my business.


We could have it warn the neighbors via text message that the Witnesses are coming, don’t answer the door, that sorta thing.  We could train it to work on sales people (fortunately those seem to have gone away with the shutdown.)  Perhaps a good AI person could train it to make exceptions if the sales person is three-alarm schmoking hot, override the filter.


If we were to get hot with the image recognition, we could have it figure out if the person at the door is a neighbor, and if so, have it send a talking text to your phone reminding you of the neighbor’s name.  This would allow a prole to appear more friendly and personable than I actually am, so I need to ponder if that is a desirable outcome, but I suppose it is to some extent.





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