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 Its a delta variant of Seventh Day Adventists we call A29.  I kinda invented it, or rather invented the name.  There is a story behind it which I will omit for now. 

>…Is that story some OCD transform of 29A (hexadecimal) = 666 (decimal)?




Hi Mike, 


No.  The SDA church has a creed listing 28 fundamental beliefs.  An A29 is one who embraces a 29th fundamental belief that one can be an A29 if one rejects any or all of the list except number 29, which holds that one may be an A29 if one rejects any or all of the list except that last one, which an A29 may not reject, for if he does, then he must embrace the first 28 fundamental beliefs, which would make him a heretic to the A29.


My notion for this invention is that there are those of us who embrace some aspects of that list of 28, such as the afore-mentioned notion of substrate independence of consciousness, one on which many or most of us here would agree.  Without that principle, transhumanism is mostly pointless.  


Another of the 28 I mostly embrace to this day is lifestyle stuff: moderation is good for one’s health.  Many transhumanists have a form of this with the notion of eating light is eating right.  Looks to me like that works generally: live as long as you can, for new medical insights are coming to us always.


So: I reject the superstitious stuff, but very much hold to some of the lifestyle notions, the technology as a path to extended consciousness and so forth.  There are people I care about still in the traditional A28 view, so… I consider myself an A29.



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