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>…I just had a look through https://www.adventist.org/beliefs/ and I saw nothing about substrate independence or moderation.  Number 22 might be close to moderation, but I'd rather question what counts as "the highest standards of Christian taste and beauty" given what Christianity as a whole keeps demonstrating.




Ja, the notion of substrate independence is an extrapolation based on notions not listed in those beliefs.  It was all the hot rage in the early 1980s, when a lot of us were debating the limits of computer simulations: could a sim of sentience be written which was so good it would not realize it was a sim.  


My participation in those discussions in those days caused me to be receptive to ideas I found ten years later on ExI.  Plenty of my classmates (who are friends to this day) were likewise convinced in those days that sentience is not dependent on carbon: it can exist in silicon.  I think silicon is a superior substrate, but evolution had to work with carbon before we could get to silicon.


Regarding the lifestyle stuff: vegetarianism is probably a good idea for optimal health.  I am not a vegetarian myself, but a light eater of meat.  I reject alcohol and drug use (except caffeine of course (caffeine is my friend (good stuff it is, hot and black.))))


Generally eat light, live right, sleep in your own bed every night, these are all good ideas.  One need not be superstitious to embrace the value of these general principles.





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