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>…How many ways are there to say something is innate in some fashion?  A reflex, instinct, largely genetic behavior (including behavior of the brain), innate tendency,and so on.


>…Why use 'instinct'?  …bill w



Billw, a long time ago, I had a friend who was a dog trainer, who had been in the biz for decades and was good at it.  He explained to me how he had to work with certain (he called them) instincts that some breeds had.  They came pre-packaged with certain ways of looking at life.  His job was mostly figuring out what was already going on in the dog’s head and working with that, rather than trying to fight it.


My notion is that humans have a less-developed version of known dog behaviors, such as retrievers just wanting to fetch stuff and Dobermans wanting to tear your damn leg off, that sorta thing.







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