[ExI] Wildfires are erasing Western forests

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Western forests are not regrowing, but they would need to go anyway.  We
don't have room for them.spike

*And I think we should be planting trees,perhaps not in the same places.
bill w*

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> Subject: [ExI] Wildfires are erasing Western forests
> >...Wildfires are erasing Western forests. Climate change is making it
> permanent.
> The evidence is clear: Forests are shifting to scrublands across large
> swaths of the Western U.S.
> Nathanael Johnson Sr. Staff Writer   Nov 29, 2021
> <https://grist.org/climate/climate-change-forest-loss/>
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> >...This forest loss is probably also happening in many other countries
> troubled by increasing forest fires, like Australia and Europe.
> BillK
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> BillK, I agree that forest loss is happening, but disagree with the
> article on why it is happening.  For trees, the water patterns are far more
> important than the temperature.  Those are changing as spring runoff is
> channeled into reservoirs and from there down into population centers.  No
> matter what happens, cities will need water and power.  A tech civilization
> will do whatever is necessary to make that happen.
> Since we seem to be slow to build nuclear plants and want to move away
> from burning carbon fuels, this leads to greater reliance on renewables,
> such as wind and solar, both of which take huge land area.  Currently the
> USA has seething hordes crossing the southern border every day.  They come
> from countries such as Guatemala, where the per capita power use is about
> 5% what it is here.  So in a sense, every person who crosses that border is
> equivalent to 20 Guatemalans.  Every one of them will need water, power,
> food, a place to live.
> Western forests are not regrowing, but they would need to go anyway.  We
> don't have room for them.
> spike
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