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>…I forgive you, but I cannot speak for my contemporaries.



Forgive him?  I thought it a compliment!  I always wanted to be a tangential mob.  Aspired to it as a young solitary tangential…em… whatever one guy in a faceless horde is.  Pretty weird looking for sure.  Think about it for a minute.  Eeesh!  And what would be worse?  Imagine you’re the only faceful guy in a faceless mob.  That would be even creepier.  Surely they would be disdainful, but you would have no way of knowing: faceless people are both expressionless and speechless.  I don’t even know how they breathe.


But regarding blasphemy and pirates: I don’t see how the heck we figure we can even have a reasonably-accurate talk like a pirate day when we assume pirates spoke English, or some odd dialect thereof.  Good chance most of them didn’t.  The primary language of modern pirates is Somali, and I don’t even know how one blasphemes in that language or even how to translate the universally-accepted term “arrr.”  The mind boggles.


In any case, that tangential mob business just has a kind of pleasant mathematical lilt.  Hermes, are ye feelin’ it, me lad?







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On 30/09/2021 19:47, bill w wrote:

> A tangential mob are ye


Oh, is it Talk Like A Pirate Day?


Not that I'm changing the subject or anything.


Actually, yesterday was International Blasphemy Day. And I forgot to 

blaspheme! I hope the gods forgive me.





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