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Speaking of pirates and changing subjects, will anyone be celebrating leif erikson day this year?


SR Ballard


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>> A tangential mob are ye





Sure will!  He was one of the truly greats of our times, with his career pinnacle role as Lt. Jerry Price in the Mod Squad.


He was brilliant, however could never quite get past that show’s introduction, where they tried to explain why the PD hired three hippies as infiltrators in places where the square detectives could not go.  The description of the three: “…one white, one black, one blonde…”






How the hell are they counting?  I am seeing two white, two (more or less) blonde, I’ll give em the one black, but that’s only a third of the description accurate.  Upon pointing out the obvious logical fallacy, I was told that in the 60s, the term blonde usually implied female, but I identified as male at that time and I was certainly blonde.  Imagine my confusion.  The 60s were weird.  And so was Leif Erikson, which demonstrates how great an actor he was because he had to play the uptight police lieutenant.


What we should have is hippie day.


Or perhaps I will just stick with the pirate thing.














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